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I wrote this for my beloved libel some time ago. I was chatting to him earlier and asked if I should post it and he replied, "Well, duh!" So, here it is, with ♥ to Dade.

Title: Port in a Storm
Author: Danijo (misscake)
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be.
Rating: hard R, not quite NC-17
Warnings: vanilla sex?

Notes: I'm going to take a flying leap and be the first to post here! This has also been posted at RestrictedSection.org.

Lightning flashed in the sky, immediately followed by the deep rumble of thunder. Stirring, Charlie reached across the bed to find it empty, the sheets cool. Blinking against another bright flash, he glimpsed Harry standing at the window, a dark silhouette against the brilliant light.


Silently, Harry glanced back over his shoulder and turned back to watch the storm. Charlie watched him for a few moments before sliding out of the warm bed to join Harry at the window. Slipping his arms around Harry’s waist, Charlie nuzzled against the younger man’s neck, planting soft kisses down to his shoulder.

"Sorry I woke you," Harry mumbled.

"You didn’t. The storm did. What are you doing?"


"About what, love?" Charlie stroked the soft hair just below Harry’s navel, watching Harry’s face out of the corner of his eyes.

Harry sighed and his jaw tightened. He closed his eyes and whispered, "Ron, the final battle, everyone we lost."

Charlie’s stomach tightened a bit as he held Harry just a bit closer. He knew that Harry still suffered from flashbacks about the night he killed Voldemort. The night that Ron had died. It was in the middle of a violent storm similar to the one they were currently watching. The rumble of thunder sounded like the walls of Hogwarts as they fell throughout the battle. The flashes of lightning resembled the many spells that flew that night, wrecking havoc on friend and foe alike. Charlie shivered. Harry had managed to best Voldemort before Hogwarts was completely destroyed, but the losses had been great. And he knew that Harry still suffered from flashbacks brought on by the most mundane things. It had been nearly five years and still he carried the guilt with him.

"Come back to bed," he whispered.

Harry nodded, "I will. Just give me a few minutes."

Charlie didn’t move. Instead, he slid his hands up to Harry’s shoulders and gently began kneading them. They had found during Harry’s recovery that massages and simple touch were very comforting for him. As he worked his strong hands against the taut, tense muscles in Harry’s neck and back, the dark-haired man’s head dropped forward and he placed his hands on either side of the window, using it for support.

The hands of a dragon keeper were often rough and scarred from so many encounters with the creatures and Charlie’s were no different. But their warm touch and familiar texture soothed Harry like nothing else. Slowly, he began to relax under Charlie’s ministrations.

"Mmm. Feels good."

"I know something else that can make you feel good." Charlie pressed his lips against the top of Harry’s spine and slid his hands down Harry’s abdomen and the tops of his thighs. Pressing himself snug against Harry’s back, he began to trace patterns with his tongue along the smooth, warm skin.

Smiling slightly, Harry turned himself around in Charlie’s arms. "And this offer would be purely selfless?" he smirked.

"Of course," Charlie answered, pleased that he’d been able to distract Harry from his memories. "I am always selfless," he leaned forward and captured Harry’s lips in a gentle kiss. Running his tongue along the bottom lip, he pressed for entrance into that sweet mouth and cupped the back of Harry’s head to bring him closer.

Harry opened his mouth and twined his tongue with Charlie’s, moaning softly as the older man sucked on his lower lip. He raised his hands and rested them against Charlie’s hips, his thumbs stroking the hip bones visible just above his pajama trousers. Charlie’s left hand drifted down from Harry’s neck and brushed against his right nipple, teasing it into pebbled hardness.

The kiss became more desperate as the two men stood in the darkness. The lightning had diminished and the rumble of thunder grew in distance. Charlie’s head dipped down to Harry’s chest, licking, nipping, sucking his way down. He stopped to pay attention to Harry’s other nipple, working it into a tight bud between his teeth.

Pushing gently at Harry’s waist, Charlie turned him and carefully walked him backwards until his knees hit the bed and they dropped down upon it. From behind hooded eyes, Harry’s looked up as Charlie stood and silently slid his boxer shorts down his legs, lifting his hips to assist. Suddenly sprung from its constraints, his straining cock bobbed against his stomach.

With a wolfish grin, Charlie climbed on the bed and settled himself in between Harry’s legs. Starting at his navel, he made his way down Harry’s abdomen, brushing one hand against the dark curls at the base of Harry’s cock, while the other stroked the sensitive flesh on the inside of his thigh.

He was sharply aware of his own erection, now trapped against the mattress. The delicious pressure and friction built as he moved his way down Harry’s body. Struggling against the urge to just rub himself off, he turned his attention back to the gorgeous body now splayed out in front of him.

Knowing that Harry’s green-eyes watched his every move, Charlie leaned down to capture just the tip of Harry’s cock in his mouth. He sucked gently at first, his tongue pressing into the slit as the man beneath him sucked in a breath and threw his arm over his face. He worked the tip against the roof of his mouth, sliding his tongue around the head. Pulling back, he watched Harry’s breath quicken as he kissed his way down the underside of his cock, only to lick his way back up, his tongue wide and strong and oh, so wet.

Charlie closed his eyes and pressed his hips down against the mattress as his wrapped his mouth around Harry’s length, engulfing it. Slowly, he began to move his head up and down, letting the sensitive skin lightly scrape against his teeth. Applying more suction, he began to bob his head up and down, stopping occasionally to swirl his tongue around the tip and run his tongue up and down the length.

By now, Harry was lost in the sensations of Charlie’s warm tongue surrounding him. He wound his fingers into Charlie’s fiery locks and began thrusting upwards. He began to moan when Charlie’s fingers danced across his balls, rolling them in his hands. Spurred on by Harry’s reactions, Charlie began to pick up speed, applying more suction as he kneaded Harry’s sac. Slipping a finger behind Harry’s balls, Charlie applied pressure to the base of Harry’s penis as he continued his massage. Harry responded by dropping his knees down to the bed and throwing his head back in ecstasy.

Charlie could feel Harry’s balls begin to tighten and knew that he was close. The thought that he could cause this kind of reaction in Harry never failed to drive him mad with desire. He began to rub himself off against the bed as he sucked harder on Harry’s cock, dipping his finger down to ghost across Harry’s perineum.

Suddenly, the lightning flashed outside and Harry gasped, clutching Charlie’s hair tightly as he came with a shout. Charlie continued to milk Harry’s cock as he came down from his orgasm, swallowing his seed. Pulling off slowly, he rested his head against Harry’s hip as he felt his own orgasm build in his stomach.

Harry realized what was happening, but before he could reach down to return the favor, Charlie was coming against the sheets, his short breaths tickling Harry’s abdomen.

Looking up sheepishly through his hair, Charlie grinned at Harry as he pulled off his sticky pajama trousers and tossed them on the floor.

"That was amazing," Harry whispered. "Thanks."

"Mmm... that it was," Charlie replied, crawling up Harry’s body to capture his lips in a gentle kiss. He reached over to the bedside table to grab his wand and mutter a cleaning charm for the sheets. "So glad I could talk you into coming back to bed."

He curled up next to Harry, sighing contentedly against him. As he drifted off, he didn’t notice that Harry had turned his head to the window again to watch the storm.


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