Andy (mornings) wrote in dragon_snitch,

Need (Harry/Charlie, NC-17)

Title: Need
Author: Andy / andymort

Pairing: Harry/Charlie
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP

Warnings: A bit of bondage, a hint of D/s, implied infidelity, and Ye Olde Buttsecks. (I'm proud of myself, fitting all that into 410 words.)
Prompts: The Finnish FF100 #38: tunto, lover100 #31: wrong, Weasleyn perhepotretti: Charlie.

A/N: I just remembered this morning that I owe remuslives23 a Harry/Charlie drabble! I am SO sorry for having forgotten about that! *looks with puppy eyes and hands porn* And snegurochka_lee asked for comment porn in her entry, so this was sort of a symbiosis for those two lovelies.

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